Westair Part M Aircraft Maintenance Management

Westair is licenced and approved by the Irish Aviation Authority and the Department of Transport and the Commission for Aviation Regulation. Westair provides Continuing Airworthiness Management service to clients including leasing companies, airlines, operators and private owners. Established in 1977 and based at Shannon Airport Ireland, Westair has an established track record of aircraft management and maintenance.

Continuing Airworthiness by independent service providers is a relatively new concept, previously this function was performed by the Technical Services department of an airline. However with the introduction of European Legislation by EASA, the requirement to manage the Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft may be mandated to third party approved service providers, creating an opportunity for an independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) such as Westair to deliver a targeted, cost effective and focused management service for aircraft either in operation or no longer on lease.

Westair may also manage the continuing airworthiness responsibility of aircraft in storage or as part of a sales process. This includes airframe and power plant storage and preservation in accordance with the manufacture requirements, thereby protecting asset value.

The Westair CAMO team include the services of highly skilled, experienced, technical staff, licenced engineers, quality and technical personnel. The CAMO team deliver services worldwide from our base in Shannon, with experience across Europe, China, Russia, USA and Canada. Westair CAMO take pride in delivering high quality services to the highest standard, in a flexible efficient manner, the mission goal is to understand exactly the client requirement and to then deliver a tailored CAMO solution to satisfy even the most challenging circumstance.

Westair can support all aspects of a CAMO requirement on a world-wide basis.

Aircraft Services

Westair can provide tailored aircraft management services in the following areas:

  • Aircraft Sale & Purchase including acceptance and delivery control & procedures and contract negotiation
  • CAMO
  • ARC
  • AOC (EU-OPS 1 Worldwide Air Operators Certificate)
  • Quality & Compliance System Function